• Erin Molly Fitzpatrick

Porch Portraits 2020

Porch Portrait Update! 

May 13, 2020

Thank you to everyone who has participated! 

You have helped raise over $1500 for the Calgary Food Bank!! The amount of support has been overwhelming! 

I hope that everyone is healthy and safe as we all move into the summer. 

When I start booking again as a business, I will continue to donate a portion of every booking to the Calgary Food Bank.

Everyone has been touched by this pandemic, and there are still individuals and families who need, and will continue to need our support. 

Please, if you can, donate food at your local grocery store, and or make a cash donation online. 

My home is Calgary, but if you are somewhere else please help support your neighbours. 

Be Safe.

Erin Molly 

To Donate : www.calgaryfoodbank.com

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